The new aesthetic muscle-building technology

Wonder is the first and only aesthetic equipment that combines Focused Electromagnetic emission and Selective High Intensity Electrostimulation.

This groundbreaking innovation allows you to build muscles and remove excess fat in just a few sessions. A treatment session with the Wonder powerful technology is equivalent to several hours of physical training.
Since 2013, the Wonder body toning technology has been used in elite sports in more than 60 countries. Thousands of world champions, national teams, and prestigious athletes use this technique to burn off unnecessary fat and build muscles in record time. Wonder works at the same time on the buttocks, abdomen and legs and increases strength, endurance and balance throughout the body.
Only 25 minutes
Total remodeling
Immediate weight loss
Increased muscle mass
How does Wonder work?
Wonder causes thousands of strong and deep muscle contractions using electromagnetic and electrical impulses. Sounds complicated? It's very simple.
The impulses are generated by the device and conducted
through electromagnetic panels and sensors to the surface
of the skin above the muscles to be stimulated.
The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result
is similar to actual movement and regular muscle
The Electromagnetic and Electrical Muscle Stimulation treatment with Wonder is based on the imitation of the signals that our brain sends to the muscles. During traditional physical exercise, the brain sends impulses, stimulating muscles that are already able to contract. However, muscles with a less developed connection to the brain do not contract or develop as quickly.
Toned legs
Flat stomach
Muscle definition
Buttock lift
Why is Wonder treatment so special?
Wonder is the most powerful cosmetic device for building muscle and burning fat. The double action of functional and electrical magnetic stimulation simultaneously stimulates the CORE muscles (abdomen, buttocks and legs) and develops connections with the motor nerves.
By sending electromagnetic and electrical impulses directly to the motor nerves even weakly connected muscles can be reached. With 2 sessions of 25 minutes per week it is enough to obtain a muscular and defined body in a short time.

The 25-minute Wonder treatment produces the same muscle wasting, metabolic disturbance, and caloric intake as several hours of gym training.
Benefits of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation
Increased muscle tissue
Several clinical studies show that muscle mass after 4 Wonder sessions increases an average of 16%. The tissue is strengthened especially in untrained people.
Increased strength
The regeneration of muscle fibers causes an improvement in their quality and quantity. The gradual increase of both superficial and deep muscles, without risk of injury and high intensity increases muscle power.
Increased resistance
Wonder's functional magnetic stimulation produces maximum exhaustion and increases the resistance of the muscles involved. Improves cardiovascular efficiency and recovery rate.
Improvement of metabolic efficiency
Radical muscular effort triggers caloric expenditure and the body rearranges its energy priorities.
Muscular rehabilitation
The use of Wonder has proven to be very effective in the treatment of the pelvic floor, weakening of the musculature and tissue loss processes. Relieves tension in muscles, as well as contracture and nodules.
Increased vascularity
Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation causes the dilation of the blood vessels, increasing the blood supply and facilitating the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers. Wonder stretches the skin and improves its appearance.
Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders
In cases of mild or moderate scoliosis, the process of abnormal curvature of the spine has been stopped or slowed down by stimulating the back muscles.
Reduction of body fat
The treatment with Wonder helps to reduce notably the weight and especially the body fat while there is an increase in the muscles of the body. Reduces the diameter of the waist, hips and thighs. The volume in the waist decreases, accompanied by an increase and stability of the gluteal muscles.
Totally safe
Without risks or complications. The powerful functional Magnetic Stimulation treatment with Wonder produces only muscle pain the days after treatment and requires no recovery time.
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