The strongest non-surgical butt lift aesthetic equipment.

We are specialists in muscles.

We know that the only way to lose weight and have a healthy and toned body is through intense and controlled muscle activity.

Wonder provides the revolutionary Electromagnetic muscle stimulation combines with high intensity selective Electrostimulation, working simultaneously on the main muscles of the body, helping to achieve a toned appearance in comfortable sessions of just 25 minutes.

All current body remodeling therapies treat only skin and fat, but Wonder is based on the real cause: the muscle mass, that’s the secret of the non surgical butt lift treatment with Wonder equipment.

Proven effectiveness.
Numerous clinical studies support the effectiveness of Wonder MT.
Successful business model.
The huge demand for body treatments that increase muscle mass and allow you to lose weight quickly ensure the success of the investment in Wonder MT.
Worldwide support and service network.
We are proud to offer our partners guarantees and an exceptional, unique and comprehensive service network worldwide. Our support service is available worldwide.

Why Wonder treatment?

Wonder, thanks to high intensity electromagnetic energy and selective electrostimulation, makes muscles tone, grow and develop rapidly causing 36,000 muscle contractions in 25 minutes, activating muscles beyond any type of physiological norm and aiming for the loss of fat in the area around the muscle.

The buttock augmentation treatment with Wonder consists of fast but exciting sessions of just 25 minutes where our muscles will contract intensely and deeply. The feeling is unique and extremely pleasant. It is effective in 100% of cases, even in people with a Body Mass Index greater than 30 and regardless of how deep the muscle is.

Effects of treatment with Wonder

High intensity electromagnetic energy combined with selective electrostimulation produces a unique muscle toning and regeneration effect. Buttocks lift and tighten after very few sessions.
Pelvic floor reinforcement
Flaccidity in the arms
Cellulite and stretch marks
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art

Non-Surgical Butt Lifts - 2020 Trends

Why choose us?
As with intense physical training, treatment with Wonder causes the gluteal muscle fibers to break down and rebuild bigger and stronger. The muscle contractions Wonder causes are not like regular contractions, they are supramaximal contractions, creating more tension and requiring more energy than a normal voluntary contraction.

Wonder also aids in skin tightening. Cellulite, stretch marks or sagging skin are visibly reduced due to the large increase in vascularization of the connective tissue. It makes you lose accumulated fat by radically building muscle. Boosts calorie consumption and promotes rapid fat loss. Unlike regular exercise, you start to see results in 2 to 4 weeks.

Advantages of Electromagnetic Stimulation

Increased vascularity. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation causes dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood supply and facilitating the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle fibers. Wonder stretches the skin and improves its appearance.
Reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. In cases of mild or moderate scoliosis, it has managed to stop or slow down the process of abnormal curvature of the spine by stimulating the back musculature.
Reduction of body fat. Treatment with Wonder helps to significantly reduce weight and especially body fat while there is an increase in the muscles of the Body. Reduces the diameter of the waist, hips and thighs. Decrease the volume in the waist, accompanied by an increase and stability of the gluteal muscles.
Totally safe. Without risks or complications. The powerful stimulation treatment Functional Magnetic with Wonder produces only muscle pain the days after treatment and does not require recovery time.
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