The new aesthetic

equipment that transforms

your clinic

A complete game changer for the beauty industry

Wonder was launched in the fall of 2019 and is already present in several countries, where numerous prestigious professionals have chosen it to respond to the growing need for Body re-shaping treatments without surgery or pain.

Wonder aesthetic appliances allow you to work quickly, safely and confidently. The result is faster, more personalized and more effective care.

Proven Effectiveness

Numerous clinical studies support the effectiveness of the Wonder MT system.

Successful business model

The huge demand for body treatments that increase muscle mass and allow you to lose weight quickly ensure the success of the investment in Wonder MT.

Worldwide support and service network

We are proud to offer our partners guarantees and an exceptional, unique and comprehensive service network worldwide. Our support service is available worldwide.
Smart and elegant design
Wonder's clean, sophisticated design will make your clinic look high-tech and innovative. Our ready-to-use aesthetic design concepts will help you further in creating an attractive environment.

Benefits of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

Wonder MT detects the exact location of each muscle and establishes specific parameters for it.

Contactless Technology .
Nothing touches the skin of patient. The treatment is carried out on ElectroWears.

Wonder also allows to works on other muscle groups: arms, adductors, hips, calves, etc….

Maximum Depth.
Wonder is the device that works most deeply, reaching 650ms.

Software in the cloud.
Update and improvement of the system constant and free.

Simultaneous Action.
Wonder is the only High Intensity Electromagnetic Stimulation device that acts on several muscle groups at the same time.
Only 25 minutes
Rapid weight loss
Functional recovery

Professional solutions

Wonder MT is manufactured entirely in Spain and meets all quality and safety standards.

Multiply your benefits

Wonder MT has been designed for business success. You can multiply your income thanks to the most demanded body treatments.

In-house research and development team

Our local development and production team is responsible for regularly updating the software and implementing new functions.

Work with the right staff

We will help you find the best solutions for your needs and give you examples, concepts and recommended practices. Get the most personalized concept for your business with Wonder MT.
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